ICS can  perform your Nikah ceremonies.

An appointment with the Imam of the Masjid is required.

You can reach the Imam at 912-777-0942


  1. In order for the Masjid to perform any Nikkah, you must make a confirmed appointment in advance.
  2. A valid legal marriage license is required. This can be obtained from your local county probate court.
  3. Nikkahs are usually performed after congregational Salah. For other times, please contact the Imam.
  4. To make an appointment, you can also meet our Imam at the Islamic Center after congregational Salah.
  5. Both the bride and groom should be Muslims. A Muslim Wali and 2 Muslim witnesses are required for the Nikkah to be complete.
  6. If one or both of the individuals have been previously married, you are required to inform the Imam before the time of your Nikkah.
  7. Photos are not permitted inside the Masjid. You will be able to utilize the lobby and the courtyard for photographs.

**Providing false or inacurate information may result in a void Nikkah. The Masjid will not be held responsible if pertinant information is withheld at the time of Nikkah.**