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Thank you for visiting ICS Weekend Academy website. If you are seeking information about an Islamic Sunday School in the Chatam County area, we welcome this opportunity to tell you about our dynamic community. Our school is situated in Savannah, accessible from all neighboring cities. ICS Weekend Academy takes pride in a legacy of educating students about Islam through a variety of programs. Throughout the website, you will gain valuable information about our academics and curriculum, programs and events, student/parent lectures and discussions, which truly sets us apart. You will gain insight into the history of our School, understand our faculty and administrators and our tremendously supportive parent volunteers.
After visiting our website, we encourage you to visit the school and meet with our admission staff and experience ICS Weekend Academy.
Islamic Center of Savannah Academy Committee

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Important Links:
  1. Arabic Language Handbook
  2. Islamic Studies Handbook
  3. Quranic Studies Handbook
  4. 2017-2018 Class Schedule