Prayer Times019
Prayer Iqamah
Fajr 6:00 am
Jummu’a          Speech 1:45 pm               Salah 2:00 pm                            
Zuhr 2:00 pm
Asr 5:30 pm
Maghrib 8:20 pm
Isha 09:45 pm
  • Quran commentary ( tafseer) will resume Friday, August 14, 2020 after Maghrib Salah
  • Weekend school will reopen Aug 30, 2020. All classes will be online.  all other details will be posted soon. 
  • Apply on our website ( click ICS Weekend Academy on top menu)
  • The Masjid will stay open for regular 5 prayers and Jummuah with strict social distancing rules
  • Everyone must wear a face mask at all times while on Masjid premise  
  • Prayer lines must be formed according to the blue tape 
  • Everyone must come with Wudu, 

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise.”
Sahih al-Bukhari


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